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Our Method
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Intake Process
When you bring your child into SPEECH, Inc. for the first time, we conduct an initial eligibility screening. This screening helps us get to know your child and assess your child’s communication needs.

After the screening, we set up a brief period of diagnostic therapy to get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses using both formal and informal assessment measures.

Treatment Plans
Based on the profile of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, along with input from family members and teachers, we make a set of short-term (three-month) goals with specific objectives that are easily measured.

These goals cross all communication domains and incorporate both developmental and functional aspects. Because your child’s strengths and weaknesses are unique, no two treatment plans are the same.

Treatment Sessions
Inc., believes that learning should be a fun and happy experience. Your child learns and grows best in a rich environment of positive reinforcement and one-on-one interaction.

Our therapy sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. The treatment sessions are goal driven and data based to clearly track your child’s improvement and changes in their learning pattern. We use a variety of state-of-the-art computer-based learning technology, toys and activities.